Can Everyone give GoVentures…

a fucking clap for lying to everyone.  


i feel sorry for all those of you who have purchased Monster Massive tickets.. thank god i chose escape..

what do you guys think about this?

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Posted on Tuesday, 11 October
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  1. vinnythegooch answered: Escape all the way!!! They are gonna have to make up for this with TaO and hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen for their own sake
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    You spelled slap wrong.
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  4. wolvesdontbite answered: goventures is an absolutely awful events company. HARDfest every time.
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  6. hiialissa answered: escapeeeeeeee :)
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    HAAHHAHA. fuhhhhh not going to lie go ventures fucked up PRETTYYYY badly by pissing Armin Van Buuren off.. lol
  8. catchingmouse answered: AHA
  9. iloveyellowroses answered: should’ve stuck with my original gut to see my favorite DJ, dash berlin. so i guess it’s fate. i’m so ready to see my favorite :) <3
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    I don’t even care. I knew this was a fucking scam all along lol. GG.
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  15. heartshighspeedchase answered: Go Ventures just proved today that they don what it takes to be a legitimate business.
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  19. legitimatizeyourmind answered: why ?
  20. its-like-happyviolence answered: sucks to suck…even with refunding everyone, it won’t end well.
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  23. heightenedstupidity answered: really sucks ass since I had my ticket and was pumped. Thinking of going to escape, bad thing: no lights :/
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  25. honeyandhomicide answered: I’m glad I chose Escape as well. Go Ventures has never been organized with their events.
  26. hkperiwinklestar answered: ii knew mm wuz qunna bee a faiil siince the beqiiniin…thankk qod ii chose E S C A P E!!!!!!!
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  28. outlawandhisprincess answered: Insomniac For The Win!
  29. astherushcums answered: agree. thahh succks for those who bought tickets for monster.
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  31. shithappensoh-well answered: sucks for them, but now theres going to be a fuck ton of people at escape…